Requesting services

To obtain data for your IRB-approved research project, or support around biostatistics or REDCap, please submit a request using the information and form linked below. If you do not have funding, please apply for just-in-time funding through the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences.

Before completing the intake form to request services from the Institute for Informatics (I2) or Divison of Biostatistics, please have the following information ready. You can complete the form if some information is still pending, just indicate that status in your submission. 

  • Project scope 
  • Objectives 
  • Funding source 
  • IRB, if applicable 
  • A person we can contact for questions

Before entering the form, please read below about the various data and services available.

Process overview 

Step 1: Establish Preliminary Information 

Determine your research goals, required data, ideal deadlines, and which services you are requesting. Also, keep in mind if you want to submit your service request before or after IRB approval. If before, we will assist in submitting a project application to an IRB. 

Step 2: Submit project intake form 

To request our services, fill out the Project Intake Form. This form consists of a series of questions about your preliminary information acquired in Step 1.  

Step 3: Application review 

A representative will review your Project Intake Form and respond within 48-72 business hours. The Principal Investigator or designee may be asked further questions or given recommendations to ensure the success and efficiency of the research.  

Step 4: Statement of Work (SOW) creation (informatics services only)

A representative will contact you when our proposal is prepared. We will set up a call prior to the proposal meeting to finalize the goals and suggested datasets. We will also create an SOW (statement of work) to provide an estimated range of hours we will need to complete your project. Once you have a chance to review our proposal, we will have another call if anything needs to be revised.  

Step 5: Project begins once SOW is in place (informatics services only)

Depending on the status and complexity of your project, you may need to complete several steps before we can begin your project. Some of these steps may include you submitting applications to retrieve any missing data and applying for IRB approval and/or funding. 

Services available

View a complete list of available services.

  • Data brokerage and warehouse services
    • Clinical research data
    • Clinical research data warehouse
    • Administrative data
    • Data registries
    • Feasibility counts
  • Biostatistics services
    • Statistical design of experiences and clinical trials
    • Protocol development
    • Database management
    • Analysis of data and interpretation of results
  • REDCap services
    • Online surveys and databases
    • Smart on FHIR via REDCap
  • EPIC, third party vendor collaboration
  • Synthetic data via MDClone
  • TriNetX