I2DB Centers

I2DB is home to four centers that carry out its research and teaching missions.

Center for Applied Clinical Informatics

The Center for Applied Clinical Informatics (CACI) works with informatics researchers to define and use methods for applying data and information to clinical care. We develop and study innovations in clinical informatics to improve clinical outcomes.

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Center for Biostatistics and Data Science

The Center for Biostatistics and Data Science (CBDS) is engages in research, biostatistical consultation, teaching and training. Its academic mission centers around biostatistical excellence in clinical, epidemiological, and genetic studies.

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Center for Population Health Informatics

The Center for Population Health Informatics (CPHI) is working across disciplines and harnessing the power of data and technology to better the lives of those in St. Louis and beyond. CPHI is actively engaged in developing and studying innovative uses for data and technology at the point of care and beyond to improve population health outcomes.

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Center for Translational Bioinformatics

The Center for Translational Bioinformatics (CTBI) stands at the forefront of transforming patient care by making applied precision medicine a reality on an institutional scale. The CTBI is dedicated to seamlessly bridging data from all facets of medical care and research, facilitating foundational and advanced analytics.

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Other Affiliated Entities

Office of Health Information and Data Science

The Office of Health Information and Data Science (OHIDS) is the umbrella administrative structure that connects the Institute for Informatics, Data Science and Biostatistics) I2DB to the following parallel entities, all under the leadership of Associate Dean for Health Information and Data Science and Chief Data Scientist for the School of Medicine Philip Payne. OHIDS comprises the following entities.

Office of Health Information and Data Science organizational structure

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Office of the Chief Research Information Officer

In his role as Chief Research Information Officer, Albert M. Lai, PhD, oversees the Informatics Core Services group, which serves as the informatics services arm for the Institute for Informatics. Lai specializes in the development of research informatics infrastructure and is well recognized in the fields of clinical research informatics and consumer health informatics.

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Bernard Becker Medical Library

Becker Medical Library serves as an information resource and services hub for the Washington University Medical Center and the global health sciences community, providing access to world-class collections of scholarly journals, databases and clinical information resources, as well as archives and rare books. The library works closely with I2DB under the OHIDS umbrella to offer an “on-ramp to informatics and data science” for the campus community.

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As Chief Data Officer for the School of Medicine, Dr. Payne leads the Human Data Review Committee (HDRC), which was jointly developed by WashU Executive Faculty and BJC leadership to provide a structure and economic model for leveraging data assets in situations where de-identified human data can help advance science and medicine via for-profit companies in alignment with institutional missions.

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