/ 2023 Big Ideas Pitch Event

2023 Big Ideas Pitch Event

April 25, 2023
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Eric P. Newman Education Center Seminar

Hear the top finalists deliver their pitch for a chance to transform their idea into reality.

Finalist Project Summaries

  • NLP in BPAs
    PI/Project Lead – Philip Asaro, MD | Director, Emergency Medicine Informatics, Applications & Analytics; Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine

    Test Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to scan ED nursing notes and identify patients eligible for clinical trials to build real-time alerts
  • Digital Colonoscopy Navigator
    PI/Project Lead – Juan Reyes Genere, MD | Assistant Professor of Medicine, Gastroenterology

    Create a digital healthcare interface to improve the pre-colonoscopy phase of care by reducing cancellation rates
  • Smart Kitchen to Support Independence for People with Subjective Cognitive Decline
    PI/Project Lead – Lisa Connor, PhD, MSOT, OTR/L | Professor, Program in Occupational Therapy

    Use digital recordings and AI to create a smart, assistive system that can recognize cognitive errors and give customized cues in the home
  • Assessing the impact of workload on nurse turnover
    PI/Project Lead – Thomas Kannampallil, PhD | Director of Acute Care Innovation Research; Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology and the Institute for Informatics; Associate Chief Research Information Officer, School of Medicine

    Assess the contributors to nursing turnover and develop targeted, systems-level interventions to impact turnover rates
  • Healthy Link: Integrating Food as Medicine into Inpatient Discharge Process
    PI/Project Lead – Jing Li, MD, DrPH, MS | Associate Professor of Medicine, General Medical Science

    Build pathway to provide healthy food to patients who identify as food insecure by creation of a community-driven food access model
  • Using Biomedical Informatics and Artificial Intelligence to Support the Early Diagnosis of Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy
    PI/Project Lead – Jacob Greenberg, MD, MSCI | Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery (August 2023)

    Create a predictive model that can successfully identify degenerative cervical myelopathy (DCM) early and determine the most effective use of this tool clinically
  • Integration of Measurement Based Mental Healthcare in Pediatric Primary Care Offices to Address the Mental Health Crisis
    PI/Project Lead – Celina Jacobi, MD | Instructor in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Associate Medical Director of the Child Psychiatry Consult-Liaison Service, Associate Program Director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program

    Imbed a licensed clinical social worker in a pediatric practice to proactively treat mental health reducing wait time for treatment, increase mental health support, and decrease ED visits for crises
  • A data-driven approach facilitating patient flow and improving patient outcomes at discharge in the Heart Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital
    PI/Project Lead – Lydia Wood, RN, BSN, CPEN | Inpatient Nurse Case Manager – Heart Center – St. Louis Children’s Hospital

    Assess the role of a transition coordinator for pediatric cardiac patients being discharged to home to improve patient discharge planning, communication, and patient/family experience
  • Reducing hemolysis and blood culture contamination rates in the Barnes Jewish Hospital Emergency Department through Automated Collector Evaluations (ACEs)
    PI/Project Lead – Mark Zaydman, MD, PhD | Assistant Professor, Pathology & Immunology

    Pilot a web-based application aimed at reducing lab specimen redraws due to hemolysis and contamination by use of an integrated, performance-based educational intervention
  • “FAST Stability Project”: Cancer Hospital Care–Facilitating Access through a Safe Test of Stability
    PI/Project Lead – Patricia Litkowski, MD | Assistant Professor and Lead Oncology Hospitalist

    Assess a custom-built tool intended to reduce patient length of stay, increase patient satisfaction and aid clinicians in determining timing of hospital discharge
  • Ambient Artificial Intelligence – Enhancing Productivity, Increasing Throughput, and Improving the Patient and Clinician Experience in the BJH ED
    PI/Project Lead – Christopher Palmer, MD, FCCM | Associate Professor, Anesthesiology & Emergency Medicine

    Pilot an AI powered, voice enabled application to reduce clinician documentation time increasing documentation quality and time spent on patient interactions
  • Bridging the Gap: Enhancing Medical Student Mental Health with a Tailored Online Therapist-Matching Platform
    PI/Project Lead – Jessica Gold, MD, MS | Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

    Seek to improve access and utilization of mental healthcare for medical students by testing an online platform that matches patients to therapists